Mdadm cannot open dev sdb no such file or directory

Oct 07, 2017 · Run from a command prompt whose working directory is your My Pictures directory, this command will create a zip file of the contents of each subdirectory, leaving all of the zip files in your My Pictures directory. Edit: I have added the quotation marks necessary to allow for directories with spaces in their names. Such values cannot be overwritten by subordinate policies. The command line program univention-policy-result can be used to show in detail which policy applies to which directory service object. Every policy applies to a certain type of UMC domain object, e.g., for users or DHCP subnets. Rather than using a special code, the system signifies the end of a file by simply saying there is no more data in the file. The kernel keeps track of file lengths, so a program encounters end-of-file when it has processed all the bytes in a file. Programs retrieve the data in a file by a system call (a subroutine in the kernel) called read. This function takes a device name (eg. "/dev/sdb") and returns the index of the device in the list of devices. Index numbers start from 0. The named device must exist, for example as a string returned from "list-devices". See also "list-devices", "part-to-dev". df df This command runs the "df" command to report disk space used.

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B.1-499 Q118)if source file gets deleted, which one can still access destination file A.Hard link B.Source file cannot be delated C.Soft link D.Destination file is independent of source file A.Hard link Q119)remote file systems are A.ext3 B.ext2 C.nfs D.a&b C.nfs Q120)What blocks are created when formating file system using extend file system ...

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Description of problem: After a clean new installation (netinstall) of Fedora 18 x64. In /etc/mdadm.conf is: # mdadm.conf written out by anaconda MAILADDR root AUTO +imsm +1.x...Such files are also called specs. file.adb: Ada source code file containing a library unit body (a subprogram or package body). Such files are also called bodies. file.s: Assembler code. file.S: Assembler code which must be preprocessed. other: An object file to be fed straight into linking. Any file name with no recognized suffix is treated ...

RAID-Server:/dev# ll sd* /dev# = no such file or directory ll = command not found That's because on my system I have an alias set that tells the system ll = ls -la. That alias is not on your system. That's why my instructions to you used the long form: `ls -l /dev/sd*`. I can do a df command that gives me this; *** 2012/10/30 *** Hello, I am trying to P2V a Debian 4.0 machine (with rear 1.12.0) to Citrix XenServer. When trying "rear restore" after some time the script stops telling: Could not stat device /dev/hda - No such file or directory An ... Table below lists the source file for the memory map for i.MX 6 and i.MX 7. Table 2-5. Memory Map Files File Description arch/arm/mach-imx/mx6.h Header files for the i.MX 6 I/O module physical addresses arch/arm/mach-imx/mx7.h Header file for the i.MX 7Dual I/O module physical addresses

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